Stage Hire Sydney wtih Custom Designed and Finishes

stage hire sydneyStaging Hire Co Sydney specialises in providing stage hire and other staging solutions for all types of events in Sydney.  We strive to deliver strong, safe and immaculately presented stages to make sure your event stands out above the rest. We can provide stage hire in Sydney for one person or many. We can also accommodate to custom designed stages and finishes.

We specilaise in the hire of stages for:

  • Public Speaking events
  • Catwalks and runways
  • Awards and presentations
  • Musicians
  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Tiered seating
  • Car displays

    catwalk stage hire sydney

  • Wedding table elevation
  • Camera risers
  • Lectern elevation


Staging Hire Co offers staging packages that include delivery and set up, or you can pick up our stage panels from our warehouse and do it yourself. Our staging panels come in various sizes and shapes.

We also offer a wide range of stage accessories such as skirting, specialised stage surfaces, stairs and railing. We also offer lectern hire, audio & visual equipment and other cool party additions such as jukeboxes, karaoke machines, cocktail machines, candy bars, chocolate fountains, fairy floss machines and pop corn machines.


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How does your staging differ to other staging on the market?

Our staging modules are unique to the Australian staging hire industry. Each panel has been specially designed in Germany with a tongue and groove locking system. This ensures that the staging modules click into each other, ensuring that they stay attached and are completely level.

They are also constructed from an aluminum frame which offers more stength the then ordinary steel structures which most staging panels are constructed from. This enables a load rating of 750kg per metre squared. They have a thick plywood top with a hard durable black covering for a non slip, immaculate finish.

What sizes do your stages come in?

Most of our staging panels are in rectangular modules of 2m x 1m, however we do stock some square panels which are 1m x 1m, and 0.5 x 0.5m We also have quarter modular panels to create semi circles and full circles.

You can choose any stage size you like, its just a matter of working out how many stage pieces you need. If your not sure how many staging panels you need to create your desired stage, just give us a call and we can help you work it out.

In terms of height, our stages can be set at heights from 300mm up to 1m high. If you require a height above 900mm you are required by law to have a railing around the stage, so please call us for pricing.

What stage surfaces do you have available?

The standard stage modules have a matt black finish. However, we have a range of other coverings such as coloured carpets, coloured and clear persepx and vinyls. If you require a custom surface, we can organise it for you, just give us a call or send us an email.

What applications can the staging be used for?

Our stages can be used for various applications. The stages can be used to elevate people for presentations, to elevate machinery or equipment to help your product stand out, to provide tiered seating, for catwalk runways, for bands, choirs or concerts.

If you require a stage to elevate something out of the ordinary, let us know and we can tell you if the stage can support it.

Who generally hires stages?

Our stages have been hired by a wide variety of clients.  Local government, sporting teams, schools, corporate clients, bands, music festivals and even private clients for home based parties. No matter what type of event you are having, we can help out with a stage to suit your needs.

What areas do you hire your staging to?

Staging Hire Co services all of Sydney. Delivery of our stages is free within 35kms of Sydney CBD when you order stages above $300. Stages under this hire price or outside of the 35km radius incur a $50 charge each way.

Is there anything we need to provide?

The main requirement for hiring one of our stages is a level, sturdy floor.

Our stages are safe for both indoor and outdoor applications, however we do require a floor that will not sink and that is fairly level. You must also advise access arrangements for delivery and advised us of any stairs and steep or uneven terrain.